Comparable to and often superior to granite and marble, our Quartz slabs are engineered using the latest manufacturing technologies to create slabs like no other.

Collection 1


ZKV VG1220 Calacatta Gold

VG1405 2

ZKV VG1405 Eminence

2Calacatta Arezzo

ZKV VG1406 Arezzo

VG1408 2

ZKV VG1408 Avenza

2 (1)

ZKV VG2300 White Valley

2 (2)

ZKV VG2306
Carrara Marble

2 (1)

ZKV VG3301 Cotton White

VG3302 2

ZKV VG3302 Sugar White

2 (2)

ZKV VG3401
Scintina White

Collection 2

ZKB Q9211-1

ZKB Q9211 Calacatta

ZKB Q9264-1

ZKB Q9264 Cararra

ZKB Q9301-1

ZKB Q9301 Pure White

ZKB Q9309-1

ZKB Q9309 Star White

ZKB Q9535-1

ZKB Q9535 Star Grey

ZKB Q9863C-2

ZKB Q9863C Black Flower

ZKV VG1212 (3)

KV VG1212 Calacatta Fantasy